Our Lady Lady of the Seven Sorrows

"To Love and Suffer"

The Vocation


Reparatrix is a spiritual association of lay women (and lay men under the title of Sons of St. John of the Sorrowful Mother) who live a vocation of reparation for our own sins, and for consecrated souls not living their vows (priests). 

Priest Reparators

Priest Reparators are priests who, remaining in place, live a penitential Rule whose purpose is reparation for their own sins and for those of their brother priests.

Deacon Reparators

Deacon Reparators are permanent deacons who, in ardent charity and in imitation of St. Francis, make reparation for their own sins and those of consecrated souls not living their vows (priests). 

Brothers of St. Dismas

Brothers of St. Dismas are prisoners who, while being a source of peace and charity to those around them, and enduring the indignities of prison life, live a vocation of reparation for their own sins and for those of priests in prison. 

Our Patroness: Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows.

Dear Mother of Mercy, we plead for our priests, and when their voices are silent because of sin, let ours be heard in their place, begging through your intercession, the Divine Mercy.

Faithful to the Church:

Our Rule of Life and Constitutions have undergone theological review.  The sponsoring Bishop is Archbishop John Myers of Newark.

On the spirit of reparation:

"Even now I find my joy in the suffering I endure for you.  In my own flesh, I fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for the sake of His Body, the Church."  Col. 1:24

It is this joy that calls each member to our vocation, and which we complete by our acts of love and sacrifice.  True sons and daughters of the Church, we know that reparation is at the heart of the Church and therefore, the necessary heart of all that we do. 

Our own desire to "love and suffer" finds its fullest expression in praying for and making reparation for priests.  We choose to do this in a way of life that is generally hidden and unknown to others.  This is a choice made not by a desire for secrecy, but by the union of love and sacrifice that become so woven into the fabric of our lives that they become inexpressible.  It is at that point that we stop doing the work of reparation and become a living holocaust and oblation.  It is then that we are the lived expression of our vocation. 

"Doing the will of Him who sent me and bringing His work to completion is my food."  John 4:34

This vocation of reparation is not given or met by a vow or promise.  Rather it is embraced, much like one receives a close friend or relative, that is, happily.  The prayers of each day are not seen as an obligation in the sense of duty, but are completed as works of love for our priests.  Each dawn finds us "watching and waiting," and each evening finds us having faithfully completed our work for the day. 

Therefore, the Rule of Life is not the same as the rule of a religious community.  Rather, it is more to be seen as a "ruler" to measure one's life against.  Measure carefully, that you may see what you lack; measure gently, so that you do not distress yourself unnecessarily; measure humbly, and do not notice another; measure with love — for this is the same love we bring to our brothers.

"For the measure you measure with will be measured back to you."  Luke 6:38

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